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Soy Coleccionista de Dudas

tranquil dreaming under an Arizona sky.

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I'm Rai:

28 year old female. Quirky & klutzy. Native of the Boston area; resident of Tucson, Arizona. Graduate of the U of A. Continues to be a student of urban development and Latin American history, even though the classes have ended. Anti-car, pro-bicycle. Amateur archival technician and library scientist. Sometimes-doodler. Compulsive knitter. Dedicated recycler. Aspiring gardener. Stringed instrument player (guitar/violin/viola/ukulele/mandolin). Hula Hooper. Language enthusiast. Crafts geek. Contemplative and ditzy both. City girl to the core.
As of fall 2013, engineering student. Still not sure how that happened, but it works for me c:

I like Spanish, boba tea, furry animals, and warm breezes, and I have an unhealthy obsession with Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

Five years ago I fell ill, and I now live as a fairly debilitated chronically ill person. I suffer from POTS and likely other undiagnosed problems. This journal tends to generously reflect related frustrations and occasional hopelessness, but I try to keep it positive too.

If you think we'd get along, feel free to friend me--though please do comment to say hello. I will most likely add you back. My posts are often in English, sometimes in Spanish, and very occasionally in broken versions of other languages. As of Feb. 2013 all new posts are friends-only because I was receiving so many spam comments on new public entries.

¡Hablo español! ¡Háblame! Me encantaría conocerte. :D
Falo português (pelo menos um pouco)! Fala comigo! Gostaria muito de conhecer você. :D
Other languages I know some amount of: French, Chinese (Mandarin), German, ASL, Esperanto
Other languages I don't know much of but I'm interested in: Navajo, Turkish, Japanese, Nahuatl, Kaqchikel, Danish
If you want to talk to me about languages you'll be my favorite person ever :'D
^_^, aardvarks, acoustic music, all-nighters, alphabets, alternative energy, archives, arduinos, asexuality, asking dumb questions, biking, black corn tortillas, blankets, boba tea, books, boston, brazil, bunnies, caffeine, cafés, calculus, cats, central america, chemistry, chicken buses, cirma, cities at night, ciudad juárez, colored pencils, crafts, creating, crocheting, curiosity, cuteness, dancing in random locations, danish, ddr, differential equations, disinfectant, drawing, duolingo, el voseo, español, esperanto, etymology, farmers markets, fluid sexuality, foreign scripts, free hugs, french, fresh ideas, funky looking languages, gay things, going green, grammar, guatemala, guinea pigs, guitars, history, hugging pillows, ice skating, iced coffee, indoor rock climbing, insomnia, japanese, jasmine tea, kaqchikel, khan academy, knitting, la hora chapina, languages, latin, latin america, learning, libraries, long flowy skirts, lychee soda, mandarin chinese, mandolins, manga, materials science, mechanical engineering, mexican slang, mexico, multilingual instructions, national public radio, navajo, new urbanism, oolong tea, paper cranes, permaculture, personal dance parties, photovoltaics, physics, pijijes, playing guitar, plazas, poking things, portuguese, prensa libre, pretty dresses, prog rock, programming, public transit, rainbows, random kanji like 熱帯魚, rats, reading, recycling, reggaetón, salsa music, san francisco, scarves, science, science fiction, science friday, sewing, sharing umbrellas, shiny things, shortwave radios, sign languages, silence, skyscrapers, snowflakes, social justice, solar energy, spanglish, spanish, taco salads, telenovelas, telescopes, tfk at the regent, the caf crew, the desert southwest, the letter å, tofu, ukuleles, urban skylines, used bookstores, vegetarian sandwiches, violas, violins, vitamins, watching people, watercolors, wind turbines, words, xela